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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Three Structural Collapses Within Hours of Each Other Keeps Emergency Crews Busy

Mid Afternoon on Tuesday After another snowfall hit the Lehigh Valley Fountain Hill Fire Department was dispatched to the 700 Blk of Seneca Street for a structural collapse. Crews arrived on location with 3 porches pancaked on the ground and another extremely unstable. 

Members of the Lehigh County Special Ops were brought in and the tech rescue members used cameras to search under the rubble for victims. All searches were negative and crews made sure the structures were stable before all units cleared.

About an Hour and a half later Allentown Firefighters were dispatched to the 900 Blk of Armor Street this afternoon after a overhang collapsed on three homes. Crews worked for about 30 minutes cutting up the debris so that families in all three homes were able to get out of their homes. No one was injured in the incident and one resident was heard saying "I'm Free" as he walked out of his home to survey the damage. This was just one of several structural collapse calls through out the day do to heavy snow buildup on buildings.

 Just after crews cleared the collapse on Armor Street they are alerted to an odor of gas in the 300 Blk of E Walnut Street. As crews arrive they find a high pressure gas line was ruptured after a porch roof collapsed onto it damaging the regulator on the main. Allentown Firefighters turned off the gas to the residence and stood by waiting for UGI and Building inspectors to arrive. No injuries were reported and neighbors in the area were seen clearing off their roofs before they become the next victim of the heavy snow.

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