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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pre Arrival: Catasauqua Well Involved House Fire

Tuesday night LCR Dispatches stations 2 and 18 to the area of 12th and Bethlehem in Catasauqua for a reported house fire. Police are first to arrive on location and report smoke showing from the residence, Chief 201 (Richard Hertzog) arrives on location and signals the working fire and request a RIT from Station 11 and EMS to standby at the scene. Our Crews arrive just ahead of first due units and capture the arrival and lines being stretched into the home. At one point crews are pulled from the structure as the roof starts to collapse and master streams are put into service. Once the main body of fire is knocked down crews re-enter the structure to knock down the rest of the hotspots before crews went available a couple hours later......

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