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Monday, March 3, 2014

Bath Fire Stretches on Stubborn Dwelling Fire

Early Monday morning Bath Firefighters are dispatched to 28 Chestnut St for a house fire, crews arrived to heavy smoke pushing from the home and struck a full 1st alarm. Multiple lines are stretched into the home as crews worked to locate the body of fire which appeared to have started in the basement. Additional engine companies were special called for additional manpower as the fight progressed fire started to show on all levels of the home. Crews evacuated the building twice as conditions deteriorated inside. The smoky fire took several hours to bring under control and crews would remain on location most of the day...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

PSP Tactical Team Responds to Barricaded Subject

Late Wednesday Morning Police went to an address in the 6700 Blk of Hanover Street in East Allen Township, Northampton County. While attempting to serve the warrant the individual ran out of the house and barricaded himself with others inside a shed on the property. For about 2 hours PSP negotiated with the male before calling in the Tactical Team. One on location the team took positions around the residence and eventually took the individual into custody with out any injuries or further incident..

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pre Arrival: Catasauqua Well Involved House Fire

Tuesday night LCR Dispatches stations 2 and 18 to the area of 12th and Bethlehem in Catasauqua for a reported house fire. Police are first to arrive on location and report smoke showing from the residence, Chief 201 (Richard Hertzog) arrives on location and signals the working fire and request a RIT from Station 11 and EMS to standby at the scene. Our Crews arrive just ahead of first due units and capture the arrival and lines being stretched into the home. At one point crews are pulled from the structure as the roof starts to collapse and master streams are put into service. Once the main body of fire is knocked down crews re-enter the structure to knock down the rest of the hotspots before crews went available a couple hours later......

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Three Structural Collapses Within Hours of Each Other Keeps Emergency Crews Busy

Mid Afternoon on Tuesday After another snowfall hit the Lehigh Valley Fountain Hill Fire Department was dispatched to the 700 Blk of Seneca Street for a structural collapse. Crews arrived on location with 3 porches pancaked on the ground and another extremely unstable. 

Members of the Lehigh County Special Ops were brought in and the tech rescue members used cameras to search under the rubble for victims. All searches were negative and crews made sure the structures were stable before all units cleared.

About an Hour and a half later Allentown Firefighters were dispatched to the 900 Blk of Armor Street this afternoon after a overhang collapsed on three homes. Crews worked for about 30 minutes cutting up the debris so that families in all three homes were able to get out of their homes. No one was injured in the incident and one resident was heard saying "I'm Free" as he walked out of his home to survey the damage. This was just one of several structural collapse calls through out the day do to heavy snow buildup on buildings.

 Just after crews cleared the collapse on Armor Street they are alerted to an odor of gas in the 300 Blk of E Walnut Street. As crews arrive they find a high pressure gas line was ruptured after a porch roof collapsed onto it damaging the regulator on the main. Allentown Firefighters turned off the gas to the residence and stood by waiting for UGI and Building inspectors to arrive. No injuries were reported and neighbors in the area were seen clearing off their roofs before they become the next victim of the heavy snow.

Check our Facebook for full photo albums of all incidents.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fatal Hanover Township Fire is 1 of 4 Fires in 2 Days in the Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley Firefighters had a busy Sunday and Monday with 4 working fires in the area.  The busy two days ended Monday Night with a fatal fire in Hanover Township, Northampton County.  Around 2130 hrs Hanover Township Volunteer Fire Company, Northampton County PA was dispatched to the 1900 Blk of Mark Twain Circle for a working house fire. The call which was called in by a fire officer was quickly upgraded to a full box assignment with special calls for additional manpower. When crews arrived on location they were advised of entrapment on the fully involved home and attempted rescue efforts. One person was found during the search but was deceased at the scene, multiple lines and a tower ladder were placed in service to knock down the fire. Crews worked the scene for several hours, 3 firefighters were transported to a local hospital for minor injuries the fire is under investigation by local and state fire marshals.

Earlier Monday Night Whitehall Fire Department responded to a reported house fire on Schadt Ave, on arrival crews had fire conditions in the kitchen area of the home.  Once on scene crews stretched a line into the residence and put a quick knock on the fire.  The fire was determined to have started as a cooking accident and all crews released in about an hour and a half.

The busy two days started on Sunday Afternoon in Salisbury Township, Lehigh County.  Around 1330 hrs Western Salisbury Firefighters are dispatched to the 2000 Blk of Greenwood Dr for a reported dwelling fire. Right after dispatch a station 31 fire officer arrives on scene reports heavy fire showing and requests a 2nd alarm. Crews arrive on location and stretch multiple lines into the home, a water supply is quickly established as residents in the area dig out a buried fire hydrant. Crews perform searches of the home which turn up negative and put a hit on the fire in about 30 minutes. Units would remain on scene for a couple hours for overhaul and the fire is under investigation.

A couple hours after the Salisbury Fire South Whitehall got into the mix, Sunday evening when they are dispatched to the 1800 blk of Valley Forge Rd for a reported trash fire. As crews go on scene they have an active fire extending to a home and the box is filled out with a quick upgrade to a 2nd alarm. Crews stretch a line to the area of fire and knock it down making quick work of things. Command recalls the 2nd alarm assignment while crews overhauled the fire scene before releasing and going back in service.  All companies operated in tough conditions with large amounts of snow on the ground and buried hydrants and did a great job in the process.  Photo Albums of all fires can be found on our Facebook Page.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Multiple Rescue Companies Go in Service at Truck Crash in Upper Saucon

Around 1100 hrs Upper Saucon Fire and EMS are dispatched to the intersection of Route 309 and Center Valley Parkway for an accident with rescue. Crews arrive to find one tractor trailer crashed into the side of another with the driver heavily entrapped. 

Additional rescue companies are requested including the Lehigh County Special Ops team to assist with extrication. 4 different heavy rescue companies go in service with tools and air bag systems to free the driver. 

At one point the trailer of one truck is lifted off the other, a trauma team from Lehigh Valley Hospital is requested to the scene for immediate trauma treatment of the trapped driver. Around 3 hours after the initial crash crews finally extricate the driver and he is transported to a local trauma center with critical injuries. The roadway is shut down for several hours for cleanup and investigation.....

Salisbury Goes 3 Alarms in Begining of Snowstorm

Around 2300 hrs Wednesday night as Snowstorm Pax was starting to hit the valley Salisbury Firefighters were dispatched to the 3000 Blk of Lanze Ln for a reported dwelling fire. Crews arrive to heavy smoke showing and quickly bump up the response to a 2nd alarm, as crews start to make an attack smoke conditions through out the home start to worsen and a 3rd alarm is struck. Tankers are brought in to transport water to the engines making the attack. Multiple lines are stretched into all levels of the home to make a hit on the fire extending in the walls. No injuries are reported and crews start to take up in a couple hours.....