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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Upper Milford Drops a 2nd Alarm at Seedless Facility

Right Around 1130 Crews are dispatched to Seedway on Vera Cruz Rd South for a reported rubbish fire.  As crews respond a large header is scene all over the Lehigh Valley indicating a large fire.  Crews arrive to find a large area of fire with structures involved and a 2nd alarm is dispatched along with additional tankers, as crews went to work there was a large volume of fire extending through a high brush area bringing in brush units to go to work.  While fighting the fire it was determined that there was also petroleum product burning and a large Fuel or propane tank was involved in fire to the rear of the facility.  Crews worked for about an hour and a half to bring the fire under control and stop the spreading, no injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is under investigation......

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