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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Allentown Stretches on the West End Garage Job

Around 1500 hrs on Tuesday Afternoon Allentown Fire gets dispatched to the area of 19th and Pennsylvania for a structure fire, first units go responding and report heavy Smoke rising into the air. As crews respond a header could be seen all around the Lehigh Valley, Engine 10 arrives to a two car garage fully involved with wires down and burning. Crews immediately stretch on the fire and also stretch to protect exposures that had siding starting to melt from the intense heat. At one point a resident was seen using a green line to try and protect her garage from being damaged further. In all four lines are stretched and put into service so crews could gain the upper hand, the main body of fire was knocked and held to the garage. Crews remained on location for sometime for the investigation and overhaul no injuries were reported from this JOB.

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