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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Dead and One Injured in Night of Violence in Allentown

Allentown Police Investigate Homicide Scene
Allentown Police found themselves once again running from one side of the Center City area to another this evening as violence breaks out.  The Night Started out around 1700 hrs when Police and EMS are sent to the area of 9th and Chew for a reported shooting.  Once on scene crews had a teenage male found deceased in an apartment.  Police tape off the area and the Coroner is called as a lengthy investigation of the incident starts.

Patrol Vehicle Parked in Front of Apartment
 As the investigation continues officers talk to people in the area trying to see if anyone may have seen or heard anything.  The victims body was removed from the apartment around 2000 hrs.

Police investigate Pratt and Law St Scene
 Around 1945 hrs the night continues on with another report of a shooting with a man down in the area of Pratt and Law Streets.  EMS are told to stage in the area as Police converge on the scene.  EMS transports one person to a local trauma center, this incident is still under investigation as police try to determine if this was a shooting or an assault that may have occurred.

Allentown Police check for Evidence

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