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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Allentown Fire Transmits a 2nd Alarm at Hookah Lounge

Just around 0030 hrs Allentown Communications Dispatched Engines 13, 6, 9 Truck 2 and Chief 43 to the Hookah Lounge on Hanover Ave for the Structure Fire. E13 is first on location and reports smoke showing from the building and crews stretch a line to the front door. Chief 43 arrives and calls the working fire Bringing E14 as RIT, E9 arrives and goes to the rear of the structure were the crew stretches to the 2nd floor. Truck 2 sets up to the roof of the building and crews work to open up. As crews were encountering high heat and heavy smoke they were having difficulty locating the fire, a 2nd alarm is struck bringing Engines 4 and 10. Crews stretch a 2nd line off of E9 into the basement were they located the fire and put a knock on it. Crews remained on location for a couple hours for the investigation and overhaul no injuries were reported and the business was closed at the time of the fire..

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