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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Easton Arrives to Smoke Showing and Calls a Worker

Easton Fire Department was dispatched to the area of 7th and Pearl around 1430 hrs for the reported Structure Fire, Crews go responding and are advised by communications that its being reported as a working fire with people possibly inside.  E2016 arrives and reports smoke showing from the 2nd floor windows on Side A and calls a working fire, Crews stretch a line into the building with a heavy smoke condition on the 2nd floor.  As they search for the fire they discover it on the outside of the residence on a porch roof.  Attack crew make a quick hit on and check for extension before clearing in short time.

Fire Officials report that the fire was only exterior but due to the positioning of fans on the second floor to keep cool air circulating in the residents, it in turn pulled the smoke in from the outside and pushed it out the front windows giving the impression of a Working Job in the house.  No injuries were reported and the residence were allowed to return home.

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