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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Allentown Shooting Inside Lehigh Valley Hospital 17th Street Ruled Murder - Suicide

Around 1300 hrs on Tuesday Allentown Police and EMS were sent to Lehigh Valley Hospital 17th and Chew Street Campus for a report of a shooting.  The call came after shots were heard on the 4th floor of the hospital in the Hospice Unit.  Police arrived on location to find hospital staff were already tending to and confirming that there were 2 gunshot victims and both were deceased.  As the investigation went along it was determined that an elderly male walked into his wife's room in the hospice wing Shot and Killed her, he then turned the gun on himself while still in the room killing himself.  In a press conference it was announced that at the time of the incident no other individuals were injured and the incident was confined to the single room.

Media Response to Incident:

Local News Media were the first to break the story and sent crews of photographers and reporters to the scene.  As the word got out about the incident the attention grew to the national level, Media agencies from Philadelphia quickly converged on location and the story was rapidly making it National Broadcasts like CNN.  The parking lot across from the entrance to the facility was filled with microwave and satellite trucks broadcasting live transmissions of the story to all their viewers.  Multiple press conferences were held by officials and reports and cameras filled the streets all trying to get the story from the people who lived it.  As the days go on the story will be surrounded in various ways the question why was answered almost right away, but the question as to how will most likely be asked at some point and will eventually revolve around hospital security.  By the time this story is over both locally and national every possible angle will be covered from this tragic event.

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