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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mayday Called at Allentown 3rd Alarm Structure Fire at Youell's Oyster House

 Around 0415 hrs Allentown Comm Sends a Full Box to the Youell's Oyster House at 23rd and Walnut for a Structure Fire. Engine 10 Arrives on Location and reports heavy smoke showing, Battalion 43 arrives and the working fire signal is given. As crews start to stretch on the fire it is realized that the fire is well advanced and a 2nd alarm is called, shortly after that a 3rd alarm is struck and all firefighters are evacuated from the building. Truck 2 and Engine 11 are placed in service with ladder pipes and multiple hand lines are placed in service. As the fire progresses through the floors of the structure crews continue to try to get a head of it, at one point a Mayday was called after a portion of the building collapsed on two firefighters, both were taken to a local trauma center with serious injuries but are expected to be ok. In all 4 or 5 firefighters suffered injuries the building was a total loss it took several hours to bring the fire under control, crews will remain on scene for most of the day.

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