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Friday, September 14, 2012

Suspicious Person Equals Police Response to Parkland HS Turns out to Be False Alarm

Around 1700 hrs South Whitehall Police respond to a suspicious person report at Parkland High School, as police arrived they are advised of a male in all black looking nervous took off possibly into the school. SWPD immediately start to search through the building and evacuating any students that where left over for night time sporting events. A request also goes out for available mutual aid to assist at the scene bringing in officers from all over Lehigh County, Allentown and State Police Officers. The Lehigh County MERT is also on scene and is joined by Allentown ERT and Bethlehem ERT. The grouping of tactical and K9 officers searched the entire school with no suspect found. When all is said and done the Lehigh County DA announces that this was all a "false alarm" and that it was a misunderstanding all units cleared the scene hours later with out any further incident..

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