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Friday, July 20, 2012

FDNY Chase Night & Newark, NJ Multiple Fatal Fire

On Thursday Evening July 19th, 2012 our Crews headed to Brooklyn, NY for some fire chasing, when we first entered the City we took a quick stop along the river front to catch a few quick daylight scenery shots.  After that the night began with following Truck 113 into a CO Alarm, we were right behind it from the moment it passed us until pulling on scene.  After that we ran a few box alarms that didn't amount to much and captured a few more response videos.

As the evening progressed we spent some time with the 40 Battalion on the scene of a manhole fire, Brooklyn communications received numerous call for an explosion with fire first arriving units reported a manhole blowing we arrived to heavy smoke pushing.

As we were closing the evening out with on last pit stop the Signal came across for Newark, NJ for a dwelling with entrapment.  Crews arrived to heavy fire from 2 dwellings and spreading to 2 additional homes.  Member of the NFD had trouble with water pressure in the area along with multiple dead hydrants, crews ended up defensive from the start and when they finally made inside they discovered 5 victims on the third floor of the one building.

Check our FDNY, Newark, and Scenic photo albums on Facebook for added pictures from the trip, also watch our Youtube Channel for a full video of all the action......

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