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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NVP Crew Invited to Confined Space Rescue Drill in Whitehall Twp

At 1800 hrs Lehigh County 911 dispatched Whitehall Stations 40, 39 and 36 along with Station 62 to Lafarge Corp on Main Street Cementon for a Confined Space Rescue. Although it was made clear in dispatch that this was only a drill crews responding still had no idea what they were going to deal with, as crews responded they were advised that they had a male with a medical emergency down inside a Ball Mill. Rescue 40 arrived on location and went to evaluate the situation, while crews from Rescue and Truck 36 arrived and started to set up for patient removal, Station 38 was dispatched and responded with 3831 for additional manpower. Three firefighters entered the tight entrance to the machinery to reach and package the patient for removal, while crews outside set up a pully system using a crane at the site. Once the victim was removed he was safely lowered to the ground and all crews cleared about 1.5 hours after dispatch. All in all crews did an excellent job with the task at hand and everyone on location learned something.

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  1. This is a great job done by rescuers. As a life is saved on time. That is why immediate rescue is necessary for employees working on-site otherwise they may even loose their life.