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Friday, April 13, 2012

FDNY Chase Night Grabs One Brooklyn Job

On Thursday April 12, 2012 Nester Video Production Videographer Mike Nester and Newsworking Photographer Bill Rohrer took to the streets of Brooklyn, NY for a night of Fire Chasing through the City.  While en-route Brooklyn was already working on a Job, once in town we waited for our chance to grab some work.  We initially went for a smoke in a building call which ended up being careless cooking.  In the meantime Manhattan was working 3 different 10-75's and all boroughs were sending out boxes.  We then started on a report of smoke in the area of State and Bond this ended up being our job to chase as the first units on location called a 10-75 for fire from the top floor - 10-75 All Hands at Brooklyn Box 0567 - 66 Bond St - Fire on the top floor of a multiple dwelling - 2 lines stretched one in operation with a truck and tower ladder in service.  We ended the trip listening to an All Hands Job in Da Bronx, this is another trip where we came back with a Job from Brooklyn.  Watch for additional trips to come complete with videos and updating the FDNY Photo Album on our Facebook Page.

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